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At Revmax, we understand your varied security concerns and possess the technical expertise and solutions that effectively address your heightened needs. RSS have partnered with reputable world leaders to provide an immense array of advanced and complex technologies and services backed by a team of highly experienced professionals. Some of our Standalone solutions are as follows:
Access Control System

From single store to chain of retails or the whole edifice, Access Control Systems (ACS) is designed to control access for employees and visitors by utilizing multiple technologies such as swipe cards, proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads and sophisticated biometric devices. Security systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solution for a single or multiple sites.

Intruder and Panic Alarm System

(IPAS) identifies genuine incidents of forced entry, unauthorized access or personal attack, which generates effective response if any of these occurrences happen.

Attendance Recording System

(ARS) allows the company to manage & monitor employee's attendance and provide an accurate means of recording employee logins. The system could be configured to generate customized reports.


Public Address System

A high quality public address system (PAS) provides better sound through the use of leading edge technology and good design. PAS uses the optimal number of speakers  to suit your environment. PAS also acts as a Fire Evacuation System when integrated with fire alarm.







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