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Video Surveillance Systems plays significant role in fighting and preventing local and international felony. The security systems installed generally in public places, retail markets can dissuade possible crime. We would train the staff of the public and private places to monitor the Video Surveillance Evidence on a timely basis and how to construe suspicious behavior caught on the system. This system has capability to take input feed to capture the suspicious activity. The entire IVSS comprises of five basic components:


  • IP Cameras
  • Video Management software
  • Video Analytics
  • Connectivity ( RF/Optical fiber)
  • Storage



Management of energy and resources has become a great global concern. In India it is of a huge importance since we face many kinds of calamities every year and production of energy is still not up to the mark. Revmax with its proficient approach has the ability to design, implement, and integrate a Building Management System(BMS) for real time monitoring and centralization of commercial as well as residential buildings and complexes. Our offered solution helps in optimizing the HVAC,  Electrical and  Fire Safety for high performance with energy saving approach.



Fuel Automation is a combination of Hardware and Software resulting in an increase in quality of working and management of a Fuel Pump through a common user friendly interface. It helps in monitoring the quantity, sales, purchase, and in house usage through dispensers and storage tanks . It helps in managing the tasks required to minimize loss and increase profitability. Revmax can offer an end-to-end control & monitoring fuel management package that comprises of Fleet Management cum  Automated Fuel Dispensing software along with related hardware viz. Outdoor Payment Terminal, RFID Reader, Attendant Tag, Automatic Tank Gauge. The package also caters Dynamic Centralized Pricing, Bill Printing at the Isle, electronic payment, fleet cards, Dry Stock Sale & Accounting, etc.



RSS has capabilities of designing and implementing an addressable FAS .This is an automatic system designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by constantly monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. The FAS can be used to notify people to evacuate the premises in case of unforeseen incident and to control the spread of fire and smoke.



At Revmax, we understand that building or renovating your home is a complex task and there is always so much to do, however, your electrical requirements are one area that you truly cannot afford to overlook. Spending the time and money to get everything right from the start avoids a lot of expense, frustration and rewiring work. Right from Lighting, Shutter, Gates, Audio Video Distribution, Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, Security, Access Control to Energy Management you find any integration possible under one roof. Revmax has the skillset to design, implement, integrate & support Lighting, Shutters, Gates, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Security, Safety, Energy Management, Audio Video (Multi-room distribution), Camera, Access Control, Video Door Phone working under a Single Control System. Our pool of experts can provide design solutions right from initial site planning & design up to its final implementation and handover which raises the level of comfort, security, communication and energy management in your residence or commercial building.



With our wealth of experience in the field of dairy automation, we offer precision engineered Automation Milk Collection System for RMRD (Raw Milk Reception Docks). We are associated with Reliance Dairy, who had implementation around 3000 milk analyzers. Comprehensive Automated Milk Collection System has brought demonstrable benefits to farmers and local dairy co-operatives, which is very much in line with the requirement of routine vital operations carried out at the primary Dairy Cooperative Society (DCS) & Raw Milk Reception Docks (RMRD).


it is a specially designed, integrated solution, which combines the several functions of a milk collection centre. It measures the weight, fat content & gives the price of the milk brought in by the milk producer. The system is useful for milk collection centers, plants etc. The milk collection software helps in maintaining summary of milk supplied together with the rate on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

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HMlS is a fully integrated user friendly comprehensive and integrated system designed to meet the day to day demands of running a modern hospital /clinic. This security system is conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals of Revmax having rich experience in Healthcare industry to improve the work efficiency and eliminate the chances of pilferage to enable the growth of the hospital.














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