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Customized Solutions

Retail Store

We help retailers to reduce risks which impact their business in case of shrinkage. We offer Digital Video Surveillance Solution to prevent asset loss from shoplifting, theft and fraud. We also offer people count feature for retail sector. this helps the organization to understand the customer behavior and this information helps the retails store management for business enhancement.



Hotels &Restaurants

We provide a comprehensive range of services to assist in making informed business decisions by reducing the trouble-shooting security issues that commonly arise in today's hospitality industry. Our USP is integration of security into all aspects of hotel operations to help prevent losses .



Schools & Colleges

A Security & Loss Prevention plan is an excellent reference for school administrators, safety personnel for creating a safe and secure academic environment. We provide proactive, practical, and cost-effective recommendations for school safety and crisis preparedness planning.




As business and government have grown more complex, the traditional and law enforcement has not been able to meet the needs of the organization in terms of protecting them from theft, damage, vandalism and fraud. To keep some degree of perspective on these problems, it is worth noting that it is very difficult to quantify the cost of crime thus to prevent the same we offer a gamut of solution including Screening Solution i.e. Trace Detection (explosives, narcotics and gases), Vehicle Surveillance Solution including Number Plate Recognition System and Under Vehicle Inspection System, Perimeter Protection Solution, Road access control and many more.





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